Chapter 10   Evolutionary Classification


Darwin 학파의 분류의 2 기준은 혈통학(공통후손)과 후손이 영향을 받은 모방의 정도의 차 이다, genealogy(common descent) and diffent degree of modification which have undergone.

전통적 혹은 진화적인 분류라고 불리운다. 그 방법은 Cain and Harrison, Simpson, Mayer, Bock 등에 의해 설명이 된다.


주요 내용

Difference between cladistic and evolutionary classification

       The treatment of sister group

The linaean hierarchy

How to construct and evolutionary classification

       Mosaic evolution and rate of change


The traditional concept of a common ancestor various concepts of monophyly


       Evolutionary taxonomy

       Monophyly allowing for parallelophyly


       The status of paraphyletic taxa

       Phylogenetic trees

Advantage of evolutionary classification

Practical consideration in the constructuon of classification

Criteria for delimitation and ranking


       Degree of difference

       Evolutionary role

       Grade characteristics

       Size of taxon